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About Sona Agrotex

Sona Agrotex
What makes us special?

We have an experience of 26 years in the field of polymers which is an advantage to our business since it helps to maintain the quality of plastic processing for the yarn and tape for the final products. We have state-of-the-art imported machinery which are PLC controlled, that enables us to produce highly accurate and defect proof nets. We also have an in-house Lab wherein we perform UV exposure, tensile strength and shade percentage testing as well as calculating the GSM of the fabric regularly. Sona Agrotex was a diversification for manufacturing textile net products which are successful by huge infrastructure establishment. We have domestic as well as international reach. The company now aims to double the production capacity to 2400MT by 2022.


To be a global leader in manufacturing different types of textile nets by offering products and services that will be of high quality and attractive to the market.


Sona Agrotex aims to maintain its product quality that the customer desires. We will provide service and share our experience in product application improvements in all manner that we can.


Year Our Journey
2012 Foundation of Sona Agrotex Pvt. Ltd.
2013 Establishment of Production Unit with 300MT per year
2015 Doubled the production to 600MT by installing advanced servo drive machinery.
2017 Doubled the production to 1200MT by introducing first time ever in India 9 meter width machinery producing textile nets and with advanced computerized designing technology.


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 certified

To meet the standard needs of customers, stakeholders and employees Sona Agrotex makes sure that each of its manufacturing stage is quality controlled and meets the standard industry specifications. We are a part of Quality management systems 9000 family and deliver faithful services to our customers.